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Climate Change: Poetry & COP26

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

I decided to make video recordings of some of my climate poems. These are:



Clockwork World (fossil fuels with a bit of metaphysics).

The videos are on YouTube

'Antarctica' was first published in Product magazine.

'Clockwork World' was first read at an event for the University of the Highlands & Islands, in Inverness. I remember that I was doing that event with Michael Pedersen: we'd been put up in a hotel in Inverness, and were both a bit late getting from our rooms to the meeting point with the organiser in the hotel restaurant, soon after our arrival. Michael confessed this was due to his being so excited about having a bathtub, he'd had to take a bath as soon as he'd got into his room.

And of course, I had done exactly the same thing...

It will help you to enjoy 'Clockwork World' if you have a look at a clock mechanism. I was thinking about how according to physicists, nothing is probably real: and yet, our universe acts as if it is real. It's consistent. And I was thinking how the only way you can turn nothing into one is by conceiving of it as minus one and plus one. You could create (as a probability) both the thing (1), and its equal, balanced opposite (-1). Of course it balances out at zero. So in order for these things to be capable of existing - in order for the two opposites to exist, instead of being merged as nothing - you also need space and time.

Clock Mechanism Video

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