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The Glass House

A story about a girl growing up in highland Perthshire.

Published by Random House (2004)

Shortlisted for the Saltire First Book of the Year Award

"An exceptional first novel. Cooke is a writer with a great deal of power...she has produced a book full of arresting moments, haunting emotions and, through the dark clouds, slivers of beauty and hope. " - Glasgow Herald

"Compelling is  word used too frequently, but in the case of The Glass House, deservedly so...Bleak but beautiful, Sophie Cooke's debut novel is as crip and refreshing as a dip in a Scottish loch, and just as murky." - Ink

"A poetic, honest and moving account...Cooke's debut is a memorable entry into a well-established genre." - Scotsman

"A compelling portrait of a seemingly well-heeled family's gradual descent into chaos, rendered all the more shocking by its troubled heroine's detached, dispassionate, self-deluded narration." - The List


Under The Mountain

A disastrous event upsets the relationships between family members.

Published by Random House (2008).

"It is Cooke's dual ability to pick apart beautifully the daytime details of cosy family life while also exploring much loftier themes of God, truth, memory and love that set her aside as a mature, intensely emotional and intelligent writer" - Sunday Times


"This is a complex, clever novel which on the whole succeeds in its high ambitions" - Time Out

"Sublime writing… Cooke is excellent on unspoken family tensions and her characters' psychological motivations always ring true with a density that recalls Virginia Woolf. Of the younger generation of Scottish writers being published now, Cooke is one of the best."- Scottish Review of Books


My third novel, set in the former Yugoslavia and in modern-day Serbia, is now complete, and I'm working on my fourth novel.


YA Fiction: The Nuckel Horse

My first novel for younger readers was completed with the help of funding from Creative Scotland, and is currently out on submission.

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